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Sat Mar 26 07:12:44 EDT 2011

Farah wrote:
> I apologise if I sounded pushy: I come from a religion that buries
> within 24 hours so am used to very fast decisions. I did not mean to
> offend. 

Not offended; why would I be?  Just not able to answer.

Quite seriously, I shall be very surprised if nobody organises a wake
for her, wouldn't you reckon?  So even if the funeral is quiet, which I
suspect will be what John wants, we won't be unable to express our
feelings and cry together.

I don't even know whether they will get a death certificate before
Monday!  After John Brunner died, as far as I remember nothing could
really be done until the Procurator Fiscal or whoever it was came back
from his golf on the Tuesday after the Worldcon.  What happens in your
religion if someone dies on the Friday night of a Scottish Bank Holiday
weekend? Do they get buried and the death certificate comes later?  Or
what?  I'd never thought about it: I knew that was the rule, but hadn't
considered how the administrative details in this country might mess it


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