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Ha, that song reminds me of a "memory hook" an (older) latin teacher taught us  (without any beatings, I'd like to add, he was a really nice guy :-)

 "Hic, Haec, Hoc
 - der Lehrer hat 'nen Stock.
(the teacher has a stick)
 Is, Ea, Id
 - was will er denn damit? 
(What does he want with it?)
Sum, Fui, Esse
 - er haut dir in die Fresse.
(He hits you in the face)
Ille, illa, illud
- bis dass die Nase blut
(Until your nose will bleed )

As kids, we tought it was funny, but in this context, it's really rather depressing...


Am 10.03.2011 um 18:06 schrieb "Hendon, Alison" <A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org>:

> There's also the song "School days"
> "School days, school days,
> Dear old golden rule days,
> Reading and writing and 'rithmetic,
> Taught to the tune of a hick'ry stick..."
> Alison
> Alison Hendon
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