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In _Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix_, Harry is physically
punished in a particularly sadistic way by Professor Umbridge.


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>Dear DWJers,
>I'm straying off topic, but this list is so wonderful for identifying
>that I can't help myself.
>I'm trying to remember a book in which a schoolgirl gets caned across the
>palms of the hands. It's something like "What Katy Did" or "Anne of Green
>Gables"... Her hands hurt so badly she can hardly hold a pencil
>Does anyone remember such a scene?
>And in general, I'm looking for references in works of fiction to children
>being punished by adults, in particular memoirs and fiction from the 19th
>century, punishment at school, and corporal punishment. I've come up so
>with the paddling in "The Great Brain", Silas Marner sticking Eppie the
>shed... I'm sure there are tons more that I can't recall right now. Help
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