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> My dad said he was caned often at school on the grounds that if he hadn't
> done something today he would have done something yesterday. He doesn't seem
> to have resented this at all. He says it was just part of school. He was a
> bright pupil and duxed the school twice.
>  Sally Odgers

I got caned by mad Sadie Maclean, the sadistic principal of Katoomba Public
School in the 1960s. I had left my book outside at lunchtime and my teacher
gave me permission to go and get it. Sadie saw me and yelled at me from the
window to go inside. I started to, but when she pulled her head back in, I
went back out to get my book (and my Scottie Dog money box, which I'd also
left in the playground). Anyway, she must have seen me again, because I got
called out of class and caned. I was 7. It hurt, but the humiliation was the
worst thing. My sister used to tease me by saying "Judy got the cane! Judy
got the cane!) just quietly enough so my parents didn't hear. (I was too
mortified to tell them what had happened.) They were furious when they found
out. Sadie belted all of us at some point. Worse, my sister is deaf in one
ear because she didn't report to the parents that scarlet fever was rampant
through the school. Ah, the good old days.


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