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Thank you all. Charlie, I'll have a look; Lucy, I'd found the Laura Ingalls
Wilde just a moment ago! I'll look for some of the others. Jacqueline Wilson
is too contemporary for me. The Dickens is exactly what I need. And I found
a nice bit in Tom Sawyer as well. I suppose I'm mostly interested in
classics, I want to give examples in a class and show how corporal
punishment was so prevalent that it was almost taken for granted, unless it
was unusually cruel. Nowadays beating children at school is illegal in so
many countries in the west, we'd be horrified if we heard it happened in our
childrens' schools. Philip and Helen, thanks for the ObDWJ's!!

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>  And in general, I'm looking for references in works of fiction to children
>>> being punished by adults,
>> I know it's not what you're looking for, Gili, but the ObDWJ must be
>> Chrestomanci boxing Cat's ears?  (And Michael taking the shoe to Gwendolen
>> at much the same time)
> And _The Ogre Downstairs_, where Caspar says it should be him to hit Johnny
> rather than Douglas.
> Helen Schinske
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