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Re: Fire Deborah wrote
"It's just that it punched me in the heart in the way only a few books do. "

Yes.  Exactly.  I had that same reaction to _Deerskin_.  And to some extent,
_The Hero and the Crown_.  What I loved was the way Fire the character dealt
with the way people reacted to her, and the damage underneath.  And although
there was the nastiness, the real love shining through the characters.  And
that even (most) of the villains were not 100% evil, nor the goodies 100%
good.  Wonderful.


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> On Tue, 8 Mar 2011, Judith Ridge wrote:
>  2011/3/6 Debbie Gascoyne <dgascoyne at gmail.com>
>>>> The other book I adored last year, that no one has mentioned yet, was
>>> Fire
>> HUGE Kristin Cashore fan here—and soon I will have a little announcement
>> about that!
> I'm a little irrational about how much I love Fire; I think it was the
> right book for me at the right time. (Which is not to say I don't think it's
> a great book regardless of that -- I do. It's just that it punched me in the
> heart in the way only a few books do. A Love Story Starring My Dead Best
> Friend, by Emily Horner, did the same thing to me last year.)
> -deborah
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