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Chiming in here on the epilogue of _Cryoburn_: OUCH! But now we have to read
on... Bujold is one of those authors I was introduced to by the people on
this list, and I love reading her books, even though not all of them are
equally good. My husband could not for the life of him get into them. And I
think her romance is sometimes of the variety Melissa is pointed out, a
marriage of true minds, the passion is either lacking or seems artificial -
but a marriage of true minds has its own merit. i read quite a bit of Bujold
this year, filled in gaps on the Vorkosigan series and finished the Sharing
Knife quartet, which is my least favorite of her books I've read, but
evidently good enough for me to read them all...

Patricia Briggs' books are good fun, aren't they? I just read _Bone Crossed_
yesterday, as a matter of fact...

As for Carol Berg, here is one of those cases where knowing an author
personally interferes with reading their books. Carol Berg is just the
sweetest, most companionable person who warmly swept me into her cohort for
World Fantasy Conventions and I've had several breakfasts and lunches with
her group of friends: for some reason this makes it more difficult for me to
read her books, not easier. Maybe I'm afraid to be disappointed, because I
want to love them as much as I love her. _Transformation_ I read before I
knew her and it is an AWESOME book, highly highly recommended. We've
published her Rai-Kirah trilogy in Hebrew in our adult books and are
planning to publish the Collegia Magica trilogy as well, so sooner or later
I will read them.

And whoever talked about hugging _The True Meaning of Smekday_: YES!  So

I also second the recommendation for Stroud's _Ring of Solomon_. And his
_Heroes of the Valley_ was such a brilliant anti-heroic tale, I feel like
analyzing the heck out of it in a term paper.  It's that kind of book which
doesn't just tell a story, but takes on Story, as if it were picking up the
tropes one by one and taking them apart to see how they work and hmm, I
wonder if they can work backwards as well as forwards. A very
Diana-Wynne-Jonesy sort of approach (ObDWJ).


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>  I liked the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place and am curious enough
> about the unexplained mysteries to look forward to reading the next book.
> As for my best books of 2010, I read so many books that I can't really name
> one single book.
> For children's/YA, I'm still enthused over Kate Milford's The Boneshaker.
> For middle-grade, Linda Newbery's Lob is gorgeous
> For young graphic novel fans, I adore Andi Watson's four Glister books.
> Any chance of more of them??
> Science fiction would be Lois McMaster Bujold's Cryoburn
> Fantasy is Carol Berg's The Spirit Lens
> Urban Fantasy is Patricia Briggs' Silver Borne or Eileen Wilks' Blood Magic
> Historical Romance is Mary Jo Putney's Never Less Than A Lady
> Paranormal romance is Archangel's Kiss
> I could go on but I think I'll stop here.
> Yours,
> Jenny Schwartzberg
> Chicago, IL
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