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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Mon Mar 7 00:15:42 EST 2011

On Sun, 6 Mar 2011 20:12:29 +0000, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

>I'm a bit hesitant to say this after all the love for the series that has
>been aired, but I listened to the first two on audiobook - read by James
>Marsters, which sounded brilliant.  I found them very disappointing, in part
>because of the way they were read, but also because there was a *lot* of
>gazing appreciately at women with luscious curves in all the right places,
>and full mouths that invited lingering kisses, etc, etc.  I'd never have
>kept reading had it not been for the input of Sherwood and another LJ friend
>who both said that the books changed (for the better) after the first few,
>and could imagine how the audiobook would exacerbate the irritating
>elements.  I read the third and fourth and definitely felt that the fourth
>kicked into another level.  It just might be worth bearing in mind before
>you start reading.

Yes, you are totally right about this, Hallie.  I always tell people to
either skip the first two or to stick with it through 4 before they decide
whether or not they like the series. I personally detest the second book, in
which everyone piles on Harry and he takes it EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT GUILTY
OF ANYTHING and that pissed me off.  With the fourth book, the series really
kicks into gear--and then you get to _Changes_ and mwahahahaha everything
gets turned around.  Frankly, waiting for _Ghost Story_ is a little like
waiting for a brand new series.

I did mention that I'm seriously displeased about the delay on that one,

Melissa Proffitt

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