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When rocks were soft and dinosaurs roamed the earth and I edited and published an amateur STAR TREK fanzines, I used to tell my authors "If it's not IN the story, it doesn't exist.  I can't send slices of you through the mail to explain the bit that you left out...."

I feel much the same about people telling us things we need to know about their book in their online journal and navel-lint-examining ... well, I shouldn't be nasty about it....


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I had an interesting conversation about Pegasus with Deirdre Baker, a friend
f mine who writes for The Horn Book.  She had the same reaction to it as
ou did, Gili, and complained bitterly about the ending.  I said "but
veryone knew it was the first of two!  Don't you read her blog?" and she
xclaimed "No! and I shouldn't HAVE to!  There was no hint anywhere that it
as part one of two, not even "to be continued" at the end."
What does everyone think about that?  As someone who lives much of my time
nline, I took for granted the "paratext" available of blog entries and so
n and pretty much knew that I was facing a downer ending on a cliffhanger
and, for the record, loved the book, though I did not like the ending).
bviously, people had other problems with it as well, but that seems to have
een the last straw for many.
On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 8:50 AM, Gili Bar-Hillel <hptranslator at gmail.com>wrote:
> Well, yes, down note bummer, but I assume there has to be a sequel. Isn't
 there one planned? You just can't end a book like that, on a down note and
 with all the threads still open.

 On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 5:05 PM, Devra <devra at aol.com> wrote:

 > Re PEGASUS - and here I thought it ended with a real down-note bummer,
 > destroying all the good stuff that you'd so carefully read.  I skipped to
 > the end because I'm an inpatient type, and WHAM!  If that's a
 > it's worse than "BlackOut", where some people didn't read the
 > intro/dedication and didn't realize that there was a second book coming.
 > And the last line of CRYOBURN (Bujold) - talk about whammies!  OUCH.
 > And now I feel better, too - I tried the first NEW MOON book, because one
 > of us said it was A Guilty Pleasure, and thought, "Teen-aged angst and
 > Mary-Sue-ism.  Oh ick."
 > And if you enjoyed A COLLEGE OF MAGIC, try and get hold of the sequel -
 > sort of; it features Jane as the heroine - SCHOLAR OF MAGIC.  Much harder
 > get copies of, though.
 > Devra
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 >  May I just share that giving recommendations to this list is a bit
 > ervous-making. People here whose taste I appreciate so much that I feel
 > wn recommendations have to be spot on, too. And then if someone didn't
 >  book I recommended, my first reaction is "oh no, did I do wrong? Did I
 > aybe actually not like that book? Do I need to recalibrate my taste? Have
 > AILED the list?"
 > Which is why I'm glad that the rest of you are not in perfect agreement.
 > ust a reminder that even people who love Diana Wynne Jones and therefore
 > learly have the Best Taste in books evidently have differing tastes, and
 > ifferent levels of tolerance for certain kinds of cliches. PHEW, what a
 > elief!
 > I've discovered so many treasures through the recommendations of this
 > nd I'm going to keep giving mine, even if not everybody always loves
 > ook I recommend. So there. Speaking of which, another book I really
 > his year was "The Red Wolf Conspiracy" by Robert Redick, and one book I
 > OT enjoy this year, though sometimes I love books by this author, was
 > Pegasus" by Robin McKinley. Asides from many other reasons I had to not
 > ike this book, I think it's worth knowing in advance that it ends on a
 > liffhanger.
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