[DWJ] Best Books of 2010 - various thoughts

Elizabeth Parks henx19 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 20:25:17 EST 2011

I am so glad to have seen this thread, as I have Pegasus sitting here ready
to be read and now will wait because I am not, definitely not, a cliffhanger
sort of person.  I knew that Black Out was going to have a cliffhanger and I
read it anyway because I had a huge Connie Willis book sitting right there
and I went and saw her talk about it and it was autographed and I
just couldn't contain myself--and then I literally felt sick afterwards.
Does anyone else get this?  Where you read a book where someone gets sick
and then you feel sick, or where terrible things happen and are not resolved
at all, and you feel the lack of resolution weighing on you in this oddly
physical way, and you get snappy and moody and distraught for a few days?
 And then I had to talk myself into reading All Clear when it came out, and
it mostly fixed everything, but there's a part of me that still hasn't
forgiven it.  (I've read Passage twice, and both times it's put me in
probably the worst depression I've ever had, for days and days during which
I couldn't do much of anything.  I read it the second time thinking it
wouldn't be as bad, and it was.)  And Black Out at least -said- on the book
cover somewhere that it was one of two, though it wasn't as obvious as it
could have been.  It was also in the blurbs on amazon and other sites, so I
thought that was fair, but having it only on a blog seems a bit unfair.  I
like reading at least some of  McKinley's books, but she's also on that list
of authors whose books I like better if I don't read the blog.  I enjoyed
Dragonhaven, but the only McKinley book that I ever really loved was the
Hero and the Crown.

Debbie wrote that the narrator in Dragonhaven drove her crazy
("non-stop garrulity"),
which did not bother me in Dragonhaven but really, really annoyed me in
Sunshine .  McKinley really is working her way through the list of magical
creatures, huh?

I didn't like Graceling the first time I started it, but then I read Fire
and thought it was pretty good, and went back and read Graceling and thought
it was amazing, and passed it on to my dad, who also really liked it, and
sent me the first Dresden book in return, and I didn't get very into that
one, either, but I may have to give those another go, too.


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