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Thanks for mentioning this, Hallie - I'd read the first, and quite liked
it, but not enough to seek out the next. I might now.


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>On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Debbie Gascoyne <dgascoyne at gmail.com>
>(re Dresden) Ooh - a new series!!  I'm going to have to try them.  Am I
>> right to think that White Knights is the first?
>I'm a bit hesitant to say this after all the love for the series that has
>been aired, but I listened to the first two on audiobook - read by James
>Marsters, which sounded brilliant.  I found them very disappointing, in
>because of the way they were read, but also because there was a *lot* of
>gazing appreciately at women with luscious curves in all the right places,
>and full mouths that invited lingering kisses, etc, etc.  I'd never have
>kept reading had it not been for the input of Sherwood and another LJ
>who both said that the books changed (for the better) after the first few,
>and could imagine how the audiobook would exacerbate the irritating
>elements.  I read the third and fourth and definitely felt that the fourth
>kicked into another level.  It just might be worth bearing in mind before
>you start reading.  And btw, Goodreads is wonderful for listing series
>- I've found it very useful as my brain gets soggier with age.
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