[DWJ] Best Books of 2010 - various thoughts

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> On Sunday 06 March 2011 23:09:30 Helen Schinske wrote:
>> I haven't
>> really warmed to any of McKinley's books since _Deerskin_
> Whereras it's _Deerskin_ that I bounced hard off; I don't care for dogs 
> and
> incest presses all my buttons.

Oh, I didn't say I warmed to _Deerskin_. _Deerskin_ was probably very good, 
but I didn't enjoy reading it (I may try again one of these days), and the 
books since have been underwhelming. (Actually _The Outlaws of Sherwood_ was 
underwhelming too. I mostly find that one forgettable rather than annoying, 

I can easily see why people might find_Dragonhaven_ too irritating to get on 
with. I almost did myself, and then I got fond of bits of it and started not 
minding the rest too much.

Helen Schinske 

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