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Sun Mar 6 17:09:30 EST 2011

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>I had an interesting conversation about Pegasus with Deirdre Baker, a 
> of mine who writes for The Horn Book.  She had the same reaction to it as
> you did, Gili, and complained bitterly about the ending.  I said "but
> everyone knew it was the first of two!  Don't you read her blog?" and she
> exclaimed "No! and I shouldn't HAVE to!  There was no hint anywhere that 
> it
> was part one of two, not even "to be continued" at the end."

Oh, I absolutely don't think you should have to read the author's blog. I 
think the publishers fell down on this one.

I looked at _Pegasus_ in the store, and the beginning just looked so over 
the top that I couldn't go on. I may get round to it eventually. I haven't 
really warmed to any of McKinley's books since _Deerskin_ -- well, maybe 
_Dragonhaven_, which I think of as pleasant but a lesser work.

Helen Schinske 

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