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Well, yes, down note bummer, but I assume there has to be a sequel. Isn't
there one planned? You just can't end a book like that, on a down note and
with all the threads still open.

On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 5:05 PM, Devra <devra at aol.com> wrote:

> Re PEGASUS - and here I thought it ended with a real down-note bummer,
> destroying all the good stuff that you'd so carefully read.  I skipped to
> the end because I'm an inpatient type, and WHAM!  If that's a cliff=hanger,
> it's worse than "BlackOut", where some people didn't read the
> intro/dedication and didn't realize that there was a second book coming.
> And the last line of CRYOBURN (Bujold) - talk about whammies!  OUCH.
> And now I feel better, too - I tried the first NEW MOON book, because one
> of us said it was A Guilty Pleasure, and thought, "Teen-aged angst and
> Mary-Sue-ism.  Oh ick."
> And if you enjoyed A COLLEGE OF MAGIC, try and get hold of the sequel -
> sort of; it features Jane as the heroine - SCHOLAR OF MAGIC.  Much harder to
> get copies of, though.
> Devra
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>  May I just share that giving recommendations to this list is a bit
> ervous-making. People here whose taste I appreciate so much that I feel my
> wn recommendations have to be spot on, too. And then if someone didn't like
>  book I recommended, my first reaction is "oh no, did I do wrong? Did I
> aybe actually not like that book? Do I need to recalibrate my taste? Have I
> AILED the list?"
> Which is why I'm glad that the rest of you are not in perfect agreement.
> ust a reminder that even people who love Diana Wynne Jones and therefore
> learly have the Best Taste in books evidently have differing tastes, and
> ifferent levels of tolerance for certain kinds of cliches. PHEW, what a
> elief!
> I've discovered so many treasures through the recommendations of this list,
> nd I'm going to keep giving mine, even if not everybody always loves every
> ook I recommend. So there. Speaking of which, another book I really enjoyed
> his year was "The Red Wolf Conspiracy" by Robert Redick, and one book I did
> OT enjoy this year, though sometimes I love books by this author, was
> Pegasus" by Robin McKinley. Asides from many other reasons I had to not
> ike this book, I think it's worth knowing in advance that it ends on a
> liffhanger.
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