[DWJ] EG and TotG (spoilers) (was: best books of 2010)

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Sat Mar 5 14:36:55 EST 2011

Irina said,

> I find myself liking this kind of romance much better than "normal" romance
> (i.e. the reason I don't read romance novels) or another kind of romance rife
> in speculative fiction, kind of an excuse for writing spec.fic. at all, "if
> there's no romance nobody will buy it". It's functional, funny, and (for me-
> the-nerd, married to a nerd, at least) completely believable, even the out-of-
> the-blue proposal and acceptance.

I must admit "Yes, please" is the best answer to a marriage propsal 
anywhere, ever, genuine or fictional!

And while I _love_ the romances of Georgette Heyer, I too dislike the 
token sort, put in because otherwise nobody will buy the book. 
Especially if they generate unnecessary sex scenes.

(That said, since I mentioned Dick King-Smith, how about Mr Ape / Miss 

>> I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet - how about a discussion of
>> the connections between EG and TotG?  I can think of three straight off.
> Now you've got me guessing and I'm not good at that... Have to read TotG
> again. I hope it's not one of the DWJ in the box that disappeared when we
> moved (now almost 4 years ago). I know that Witch Week was in it; its
> replacement arrived in the same shipment as EG.

OK, here goes.

The first is in the place names, all of which begin "Mel...".  The lane 
down which Andrew doesn't turn when calling on O Brown is signposted 
"Melford" - the surname of the family in TotG.

The second is the place where they train the racehorces.  It also crops 
up ("Private gallops - keep out") in TotG when they're on their way to 
Mangan Moor to try and buy Monigan off.

And the third is the way patron deities are tied to particular fields of 
care.  The oak spirit who possessed Andrew at the end seemed to be the 
patron of his and Aidan's field of care.  It made me think of the way 
Mangan Moor was "Monigan's place" - as though you could walk across the 
private gallops from Andrew's field (the boundary of which crosses the 
gallops, after all) onto Mangan Moor and you'd be in another field of 
care, of which Monigan was the patron.  That would be a scary field of 
care to have!


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