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Sat Mar 5 05:48:41 EST 2011

On Saturday 05 March 2011 11:03:27 Philip Belben wrote:
> Jackie said:
> > I quite liked Enchanted Glass, even the romance.
> Oh, good, I'm not the only one!

And another one here!

> DWJ is one of the very few authors I know who can sustain a narrative
> equally well with both adult and child characters taking the point of
> view.  In EG, Andrew and Aidan get pretty much equal starring roles.
> But this does make the romantic sub-plot (if there is one) harder to
> write.  In EG, she seems to have taken the same approach as the late
> lamented Dick King-Smith, and written a romance without hormones.  This
> is not her best romance by a long way, but it worked for me.  The
> characters are well enough developed that you can see how they might
> become romantically involved, even if a lot of it is left discreetly out
> of the book.

I find myself liking this kind of romance much better than "normal" romance 
(i.e. the reason I don't read romance novels) or another kind of romance rife 
in speculative fiction, kind of an excuse for writing spec.fic. at all, "if 
there's no romance nobody will buy it". It's functional, funny, and (for me-
the-nerd, married to a nerd, at least) completely believable, even the out-of-
the-blue proposal and acceptance.

> I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet - how about a discussion of
> the connections between EG and TotG?  I can think of three straight off.

Now you've got me guessing and I'm not good at that... Have to read TotG 
again. I hope it's not one of the DWJ in the box that disappeared when we 
moved (now almost 4 years ago). I know that Witch Week was in it; its 
replacement arrived in the same shipment as EG.

> My other favourite book of 2010 is one I have heard mentioned on this
> list so many times that I can't think why I didn't read it sooner: A
> College of Magicks, by Caroline Stevermer.  Better late than never, I
> suppose.

Ooh, yes! That's probably one of my favourite books ever.


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