[DWJ] best books of 2010

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Sat Mar 5 05:03:27 EST 2011

Jackie said:

> I quite liked Enchanted Glass, even the romance.

Oh, good, I'm not the only one!

DWJ is one of the very few authors I know who can sustain a narrative 
equally well with both adult and child characters taking the point of 
view.  In EG, Andrew and Aidan get pretty much equal starring roles.

But this does make the romantic sub-plot (if there is one) harder to 
write.  In EG, she seems to have taken the same approach as the late 
lamented Dick King-Smith, and written a romance without hormones.  This 
is not her best romance by a long way, but it worked for me.  The 
characters are well enough developed that you can see how they might 
become romantically involved, even if a lot of it is left discreetly out 
of the book.

I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet - how about a discussion of 
the connections between EG and TotG?  I can think of three straight off.

My other favourite book of 2010 is one I have heard mentioned on this 
list so many times that I can't think why I didn't read it sooner: A 
College of Magicks, by Caroline Stevermer.  Better late than never, I 

> And can I say.... it's so nice to hear from you all!  I like it when
> we're a bit lively.

I'll second that.  I need something to divert my mind at the moment!

I recently found myself in the unusual (for me) situation of having a 
girlfriend.  On Monday just gone, she quite unexpectedly walked out of 
my life for good.  For the first time I can remember, I was so depressed 
that when I sat down at the piano I could not play myself into a more 
cheerful frame of mind, however briefly.  The experience is not unlike 
bereavement - I am still constantly catching myself on thoughts of 
"J---- would appreciate that" or "That's a good idea for when J---- and 
I ..."

And I didn't even get her reading DWJ :-(


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