[DWJ] best books of 2010

Jackie E Stallcup jstallcup at juno.com
Sat Mar 5 00:50:02 EST 2011

I quite liked Enchanted Glass, even the romance.  And I really enjoyed
Black Out and All Clear.  Connie Willis's books have a way of sneaking up
on me.  I go along thinking, well, this is kind of ho hum, and then all
of a sudden I can't put them down.  And they really stick with me--I find
myself thinking about them for days.

Here's a book that a friend just recommended and no one has mentioned
yet: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: Book I: The Mysterious
Howling.  It's described as a cross between Lemony Snicket and Jane Eyre.
 Now, anytime something is described as a cross between two things, I'm
immediately suspicious--can it really be all that interesting/original? 
It does look interesting, but it also looks like it could be cloyingly
"clever". I just wondered if anyone here has read it.

And can I say.... it's so nice to hear from you all!  I like it when
we're a bit lively.

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