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Sally Odgers sally at sallyodgers.com
Fri Jun 24 23:58:29 EDT 2011

Kyra quoted Diana:

On Wed, 25 May 2011 17:05:52 +0800, Kyra Jucovy  wrote:
The issue of female Chrestomancis actually came up on the questions for DWJ
> at one point (http://www.leemac.freeserve.co.uk/answerslast3.htm), and her
> answer was:  "You wanted to know whether there has ever been a female
> Chrestomanci, and the answer is no, not yet, not in that world. It is a much
> more old fashioned world than ours and Chrestomanci is a government
> appointment. No government in that world would give the post to a woman. 

and I observe the having the rare or "unusual" female rise to a 
position of power (Queen Victoria, Indira Ghandi forex) doesn't seem to 
make much difference to female social status. I assume this is because 
they're SEEN as being unusual and so are not equated with the rest of 

Sally Odgers

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