[DWJ] help please from my brilliant online friends

Dorian E. Gray dorianegray at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 17:09:47 EDT 2011

Melissa asked...

> So I've finished writing a book and I'm ready to start sending it out to
> agents, but I'm not sure about etiquette. Is it appropriate to send queries
> to multiple agents, or what? (I already know to read their instructions for
> submission.)

IIRC, multiple queries are acceptable, but multiple submissions are
not.  So if one of the many queried then asks for a full manuscript,
you send it, but if then another does while the first is still
considering, you have to decide whether to refuse the second, or pull
the manuscript from the first.

Have you looked at the SFWA site?  It used to have a lot of useful
advice for the starting author - and its "Writer Beware" section
taught me how to spot a scammer at 50 paces!



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