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Just a brief post, to cheer up a Monday morning!

I've been reading through a file of manuscript material which Diana identified as 'material leading to 8 Days of Luke'.  The file contains four manuscript pages which appear to be a very early attempt at the story.  This early beginning is significantly different from the published story, with the story focusing on two brothers called Oliver and Billy, but it does feature Mr Chew and Mr Wedding.  Mr Chew and Mr Wedding are inventions of Billy's, who appear to live in a kingdom in the wall of the boys' bedroom.  There isn't much of the story, but I suspect Diana had in mind that the boys would discover that Mr Chew and Mr Wedding are actually real.

The file also contains fifty pages of a manuscript draft which appears to be another unfinished attempt at the story.  Again, this draft is significantly different from the published book.  The central character is David, as in the book, and his family situation is the same, living with neglectful Aunt Dot, Uncle Bernard, Cousin Ronald and Astrid.  But the storyline develops very differently and focuses on David's attempts to run away from his family - Luke, the other gods and all the Norse mythology elements do not feature at all.  Jones appears to have combined ideas from these two unfinished stories, along with the Norse elements, to come up with what was eventually published as 'Eight Days of Luke'.

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