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> I've just been reading a partial manuscript of 'The Pinhoe Egg', which
> appears to be an early version of the story.  There are only two chapters,
> but there are some significant differences between the two.  Most notably,
> Irene Pinhoe appears much earlier in this version, in chapter two - the
> Pinhoe family decide Gammer can no longer manage Woods House by herself, so
> she is moved out (forcibly - the lovely scene of the levitating bed appears
> in the early draft as well) and the house is sold to Irene Pinhoe.  In this
> version, Irene is a widow with a young son, Donovan, who is about the same
> age as Marianne.  And it is Donovan who discovers the egg in the attic, not
> Cat, and asks if he can have it.
> The focus of the story is still Marianne, although she is not the only
> female born to Gammer's branch of the Pinhoe line, as Gammer has three
> daughters and there is a suggestion that the issue of who will be the next
> Gammer could be hotly disputed.  The draft breaks off with Gammer
> discovering that the new residents at Woods House are Pinhoes, and not being
> too thrilled about the discovery!
> There is a subsequent, complete manuscript draft which is much closer to
> the published book, although interestingly this manuscript suggests there
> was originally a chapter preceding what is now chapter 1, which Diana
> discarded.  The manuscript starts in much the same way as the book starts -
> "At the beginning of the summer holidays, while Chrestomanci and his family
> were still in the south of France, Marianne Pinhoe and her brother Joe
> walked reluctantly up the main street of Ulverscote in answer to a summons
> from Gammer Pinhoe." - but this first page is numbered '5', not 1, and the
> chapter number 'II' has been crossed out and replaced with 'I'.  What
> happened to pages 1-4 and the original chapter 'I' is a mystery!
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