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Hannah Green hannah.green at sevenstories.org.uk
Wed Jun 1 06:51:15 EDT 2011

Following on from yesterday's post, I've just been comparing two typescript drafts of 'Charmed Life', which again indicate how certain of her own instincts Diana was when it came to her writing.

She explained when we collected the archive, that the first typescript was her 'final' draft, the version she felt was finished and ready for publication.  So she sent it to her editor, who returned it saying it was good but needed quite a bit of cutting and revision.  Diana disagreed, but rather than argue, she simply photocopied the complete typescript, and took a pair of scissors to it.  Numerous pages were cut up and then taped back together again, to make it look like she'd made significant changes to the text.  In fact, nothing had been changed.  She then sent the cut and taped typescript back to her editor, claiming to have done the revisions requested, and it was accepted.  I'm not sure whether her editor was fooled by the apparent 'cutting' (I'd hope not, as it suggests a rather lax attention to detail), or if she realised what Diana had done and decided to give in gracefully.  Either way, once again Diana won!

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