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Too true, Amy. We must drool to no avail. 

Sally Odgers

On Wed, 13 Jul 2011 11:29:58 -0400, Amy Harlib wrote:

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> Thanks for this fascinating information. 
> How I wish those sequels to Everard's Ride had been written. 
> Amy
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> Apologies for the long silence - been rather a lot else going on up 
> here, and I've been diverted from cataloguing for a bit! But I have 
> just started in on some of the unpublished material in the archive 
> today, and have just been having a fascinating journey of exploration 
> into the Principality over the Water from 'Everard's Ride'. 
> Although it was first published in 1995, the story 'Everard's Ride' 
> was actually written quite early on, some time in the late 1960s or 
> early 1970s, it just took a long time to get it published. The title 
> page of the typescript gives her name as Diana Burrow, her married 
> name but obviously not the name she published under, suggesting it 
> was written before she had established her published name as Diana 
> Wynne Jones. What I have discovered, as I've been working through the 
> unpublished manuscripts, is that when Diana wrote 'Everard's Ride' 
> she clearly envisaged it as part of a series. The unpublished 
> material includes files of manuscript and typescript drafts for three 
> other works, all roughly the length of a short novel, which are all 
> set in the same world as 'Everard's Ride'. 
> These stories - entitled 'Prince Edward's Island', 'Hornets of 
> Gairne' and 'The Burning of Tremath' - all focus on the adventures of 
> Julia Hornby, great-granddaughter of Alex Hornby from 'Everard's 
> Ride', and her friends Steven and Jane Unwin as they visit the Island 
> over the Water on successive summer holidays. If you read 'Everard's 
> Ride' carefully, you can actually pick up several hints which show 
> that Diana had a much larger canvas in mind than a single story when 
> she wrote it - for example, when Everard's party are recovering at 
> his hunting lodge after the showdown with Towerwood, there is a 
> reference to an army camping on the same spot in much less happy 
> circumstance 100 years later, which seemed slightly odd when I first 
> read it. But when you realize 'Everard's Ride' was intended as a sort 
> of prequel, set in the past of a world which would already be 
> familiar to the reader, it makes a lot more sense!
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