[DWJ] Earwig and the Witch

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Sat Jul 9 04:19:09 EDT 2011

On 9 July 2011 06:57, Sally Odgers <sally at sallyodgers.com> wrote:
>Being so much oneself is admirable, right?

Up to a point! Self-knowledge is certainly important in DWJ, but whether
being oneself is admirable partly depends on the self in question. While I
may grudgingly admire this quality in Aunt Maria, Laurel, Biddy Iremonger,
et al, I'd be surprised to see DWJ using any of them as protagonists.

Of course, you can have an evil protagonist - Milton's Satan is the obvious
example - but then he's a paragon of neurotic self-analysis, always chewing
over his own motivations. If he were supremely self-knowing throughout then
he'd be as boring as God.


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