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I normally sit back and watch the discussion unfold, but something's been bugging me about Colin Burrow's interview: he said DWJ often wrote about writers going through periods of despair. Now, I have never thought of DWJ as writing about writers, or wannabe writers, and off the top of my head can only think of Polly, Ted Mallory, Quentin Sykes, and - at a push - Tanaquai and Carol Oneir. 

What DWJ does write about are people with talent.

Or have I simply not picked up on the writing theme? What other characters are writers?

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On 6 Jul 2011, at 22:25, Charlie Butler wrote:

> On 6 July 2011 21:21, Martha Hixon <marthahixon at gmail.com> wrote:
>> What was it about Tom Lynn that reminded you of her husband? Having never
>> met DWJ or her family, such associations would never occur to me, though of
>> course authors do draw from real-life experience, consciously or not.
> I'm not sure I can pin it down. Something about physical appearance (but
> more in overall mien than anything more specific), something about turn of
> phrase, something about the humour, something about the combination of
> honesty, apparent diffidence and strength. But of course, as soon as I start
> to think about it, the differences are just as important.
> Charlie
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