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What was it about Tom Lynn that reminded you of her husband? Having never
met DWJ or her family, such associations would never occur to me, though of
course authors do draw from real-life experience, consciously or not. You
may be right about her intentionally getting the name of The Doors
wrong--maybe it's a family joke or something. And I bet that her son's room
was decorated with the posters she described as being in Seb's room!

Much has been made of how Jones put her mother and, to a lesser extent, her
father in her books, but those theories are based (as Colin Burrow noted) on
the article DWJ wrote for *Something About the Author* years ago. It's
really interesting to hear about how others in the family also influenced
characters and story for her.

I've listened to the broadcast twice now, and am impressed with the insights
Burrow is providing in his brief talk. I'm really glad he isn't doing a
gushy rave review of his mom's work--he isn't afraid to be honest about how
Jones was exorcising some demons in her books, as well as getting "revenge"
on people in them (including him!). I'm hoping we can buy a transcript of
the show after its stint online is over.


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On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 10:21 AM, Charlie Butler
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> On 6 July 2011 15:04, Martha Hixon <marthahixon at gmail.com> wrote:
> his comment (without further explanation, darn it!) that *Fire
> >
> > & Hemlock *was partly about her love for her husband. Was this the idea
> > that
> > you "suspected about the reality behind" the book, or was it something
> > else?
> > What was the thing that hadn't occurred to you?
> Yes - something about DWJ's husband always reminded me of Tom Lynn. What
> hadn't occurred to me was that she had used one of her sons as a model, at
> least in part, for Seb. (It also makes me wonder whether her getting the
> name of The Doors slightly wrong was entirely a mistake...)
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