[DWJ] Interview with DWJ's son

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Wed Jul 6 11:21:29 EDT 2011

On 6 July 2011 15:04, Martha Hixon <marthahixon at gmail.com> wrote:

his comment (without further explanation, darn it!) that *Fire
> & Hemlock *was partly about her love for her husband. Was this the idea
> that
> you "suspected about the reality behind" the book, or was it something
> else?
> What was the thing that hadn't occurred to you?

Yes - something about DWJ's husband always reminded me of Tom Lynn. What
hadn't occurred to me was that she had used one of her sons as a model, at
least in part, for Seb. (It also makes me wonder whether her getting the
name of The Doors slightly wrong was entirely a mistake...)


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