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That was fascinating, thank you for the link Charlie. When I have time I
think I'd like to listen to it again and write up a transcript so I can
ponder some of the things he says for longer.

I think, regarding the obituaries, that maybe he simply disliked the fact
that practically all the obituaries mentioned Tolkien, Lewis and JK Rowling
in some way, even if they didn't say exactly what he claims they did. I
certainly didn't like to see Rowling mentioned in an obit for DWJ - seemed
almost like a travesty.

His talk does make me want to reread E Nesbit. I did read many of her books
as a child, but haven't read them again as an adult.

I think my biggest gripe about life is that it isn't fair. I wonder if
that's why I love DWJ so much, since it seems she felt the same way.


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Colin Burrow can be heard talking about his mother and her work on BBC Radio
3's *Night Waves* programme, here:

It's an interesting piece - and confirms something I'd like suspected about
the reality behind *Fire and Hemlock*, as well as something else that hadn't
occurred to me...

I do want to protest on behalf of DWJ's obituarists, though! I can't find
any examples of obituaries that claim Tolkien and Lewis were the main
influences on her work - which he says most do - or that stress her role in
making straight the way of J. K. Rowling (even if a subeditor put a very
silly headline to that effect above my piece for the *Independent*).


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