[DWJ] Earwig special moment

Ulrika Isacsson ulrikamc at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 05:17:39 EDT 2011

> My four-year-old daughter found it, looked through it and demanded I read it
> to her.  So now I am sharing her first DWJ with her.  Awwwwww :-)
> Kylie

I hope she likes it and demand that you read more DWJ to her! After I
read it I thought that my children would really like this book, so I'm
hoping that it will be translated - and soon!

I'm not sure which of the translated books that I own I could read to
my eldest otherwise ... maybe the Chrestomanci books in a year or two
(I have LoCC and CL in Swedish - and I really wish that I had taken
the chance to get Witch Week as well), but probably not Dogsbody or
Power of Three.


Ord - ger livet meningar

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