[DWJ] The conference website

Farah Mendlesohn farah.sf at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 11:09:17 EST 2011

On 12 February 2011 16:06, Irina Rempt <irina at valdyas.org> wrote:

> On Saturday 12 February 2011 16:46:33 Charlie Butler wrote:
> > I certainly have no objection to that - and thanks for the offer! I don't
> > imagine anyone else will mind either, since all the pictures have been
> > freely available on the web for the last 18 months.
> I do in fact mind on principle: joining facebook, with all its associated
> privacy and datamining problems, just to look at some pictures is more than
> I'm willing to do.

Ah, I wasn't aware that you would need to do this (I have a facebook account
but ignore it). Is there another platform we could use? Blogger maybe?


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