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It doesn't look like the same thing to me. I don't think Ruth Park is using "yella and blue" as swear words so much as referring to the colours of bruises (a likely result of pinching).


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>> Someone said... 
>>>>  (and if so, what happens to that remark of Jess's?)  Second,
>>>> where else have people encountered this convention of
>>>> representing swear words with colours?  I'm sure I've met it
>>>> elsewhere, but I can't think of an
>>> instance. 
>> In Ruth Park's Playing Beatie Bow, Beatie threatens to "pinch you
>> yella and blue" or something similar. 
> Ruth Park's "Playing Beatie Bow" says it was published 1980; what are
> the chances she had read "Wilkins Tooth", published seven years
> earlier?  That's a difficult one to call, short of asking her (which
> can't easily be done now).
> Minnow
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