[DWJ] Free Martha Wells

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I would say "Gasp, Kait, where have you been?!" except I'd never heard of
Martha Wells until someone on this list mentioned her.  :) She writes
fantasy that's off the beaten path (if you consider the "beaten path" to be
epic semi-Tolkienesque fantasy), some of it sort of steampunkish before that
was popular. Very good worldbuilding, even better magic systems, great

There's one loosely related series about the country of Ile-Rien:
The Element of Fire
The Death of the Necromancer
The Wizard Hunters
The Ships of Air
The Gate of Gods
...where those last three are a trilogy

...and some standalone books
City of Bones
Wheel of the Infinite

...and now the trilogy beginning with The Cloud Roads.

And if I missed any, then I will weep, because it means I do not own them.

Melissa Proffitt

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Yes, I thought that too. Who's Martha Wells anyway??


Irina Rempt wrote:
>> Goodness, I thought from the subject line she'd been imprisoned.
> Yes, me too!

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