[DWJ] First and Last Children's Books

Philip Belben philipbelben at alice.de
Mon Dec 26 04:57:07 EST 2011

Hello Again.

It is still December, so I think Wilkins' Tooth is still open for 
discussion, isn't it?  If there's been any, it's not reached me :-(

One thing I've always liked about WT is the way she played with 
language.  Buster and the gang used colourful language, which according 
to a convention I've seen in one or two other places since, was rendered 
as colours.  She then took that and played with it - having the other 
kids make remarks like "between the Devil and the deep blue Buster". 
Just something to keep the reader on his or her mental toes...

On re-reading WT I noticed two more direct connections with Earwig and 
the Witch.  One is the eyes that Jessica Adams gives Jessica Pyrie:  one 
brown and one blue, to match those of Bella Yaga.

The other is the relationship between Mr Adams and Biddy.  I couldn't 
help wondering if it had started out like that between Custard and 
Earwig.  Or (it suddenly occurs to me as I type) was it more like that 
between Tom and Laurel...

The fact that there's enough there to speculate about shows how, even 
then, Jones insisted on making her adult characters real people.


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