[DWJ] Twittering OT-ish but sometimes ODWJM

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Thu Dec 22 20:24:02 EST 2011

Hi all; (and apologies to those on the GO group who may find this slightly


My Twitter handle is @Sallyodgers . I tweet regularly with the following
hash tags. 


#bookoftheday which is ANY book I happen to like. DWJ features frequently.


#dogoftheday which is any dog I see out on my walks or else have read about.


#catoftheday is cats in books.  


#Iloveitoftheday is anything that pleases me. 


#trackoftheday is favourite music. 


#authorwebsiteoftheday is a website belonging to (or about) any author I
happen to like.  


#characteroftheday is a book character; often one of my own but sometimes
from someone else's work.


#quoteoftheday ... any quote that appeals to me


I also use the #authorsneedexercise hash tag. 


I am trying to build a following for at least some of these, so if any of
you want to use any of those tags, feel free. I'd be delighted. 


I know some of you are on Twitter (I follow the ones I know about) but if
there are any others out there (or if you join!) pliz to let me know either
privately through email or by "following" me (I can then hit the follow
button for you.)


Sally O from Tassie 





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