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Now that a whole bunch of you have been, I am keen to hear you throughts... I saw it in the preview week, and thought it was quite bad (as did my sisters, all of whom have read the book).

*spoiler-ish things below*

There were a few kinks with the tech, and the sound/music was distracting... but I think these will all have been sorted out by now. That wasn't my gripe - I felt they were so focussed in the technology/show casing the various talents involved (the MacGuires/Fyfe Dangerfield/Stephen Fry) that they lost sight of the story. And casting one of the macguires as Sophie/WothW seemed massively self indulgent, as her acting was very poor.

My real gripe is that I felt the script failed to capture the essence and 'feel' of the book. And that was a real disappointment. For instance, all the magical extra rooms in the castle, and the flying through the air bits, and the trip to Wales being a beautiful valley with a dragon.... this just seems to have totally missed the point. And turned the thing into some poor relation to Doctor Who, with Howl as the Doctor and the castle as the Tardis...

However, it has since got really good reviews, so maybe much of my critiques stems form comparing to the book. Rather than seeing it as a stand alone piece of work..

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