[DWJ] List Catch-up: Earwig (minor spoilers), Changeover, music, Power of Three

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Sat Dec 10 09:21:19 EST 2011

On Sat, 10 Dec 2011 14:34:04 +0100
Irina Rempt <irina at valdyas.org> wrote:

> On Saturday 10 December 2011 13:00:17 Philip Belben wrote:
> > I am getting such a strong Po3 feeling from this project, that I am
> > seriously thinking of writing to Bristol Water and suggesting that
> > they name the reservoir "Diana Wynne Jones Reservoir" in her memory.
> > 
> > What do people think?  Should I?
> Ooh yes, please do!
>    Irina

Philip, I think that would be fabulous -- and also something she would
like very much, having been keen on water all her life.

If it happens, do let us know, and I will tell her widower and watch
him go "eeek".

Power of Three was published in 1976, so it must have been written
before that, probably in 1975.  They didn't move to Bristol until 1976,
for the start of term at the University, and I don't suppose that the
Somerset Levels were much in DWJ's mind at that point.  My
understanding was always that Po3 was set on Otmoor, and that was under
threat for some time not from a reservoir but from the motorway being
sent straight through it, so the idea that it needed to be protected
was there for a lot of us before 1976.  The scheme was finally brought
out into the open in 1980 and quashed, but it had been rumoured for at
least five years before that, ever since the completion of the first
bit of the M40 in 1974.

The Blue Banana is a large hunk of Europe:


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