[DWJ] Howl's Moving Castle at Southwark

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Oops, did I really write that? That's what comes of emailing after 

Let's see, first and second, in no particular order...

Archer's Goon
Fire & Hemlock
The Homeward Bounders
and, er...
Oh, of course! Deep Secret.

But then I leave out Riddley Walker, and Post Captain by Patrick 
O'Brian! And The Ennead or maybe Useful Idiots by Jan Mark! And those 
are just off the top of my head!

It's a mug's game; I guess I should stick to just reading them :-)


On 7 Dec 2011, at 13:06, Jameela Lares wrote:

> Okay, Joe, I'll take the cue. What are the first and second best books 
> ever written?
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> Yes, I suppose it is encouraging that at least someone associated with
> the production has - presumably - read the book. But even if you didn't
> actually have to, why would you deny yourself the pleasure of reading
> the third best book ever written?
> Incidentally, in other DWJ-inflected theatrical news, I recently made a
> fresh discovery about The Batterpool Affair which I will post here when
> I get a chance to type it up. Watch this space!
> Joe
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