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Fri Dec 2 15:38:38 EST 2011

> Yes, I thought the Music in " A Harp of Fishbones" was magical, but I could
> not find my copy of the book quickly enough, which is one of the reasons I
> left the question open.

This made me think of the harp made of bones, I know it's in one of
the re-written stories in one of the Windling/Datlow fairy anthology,
but isn't it from Twa Sisters the Child Ballad?  Gives you both magic
music but also from a ballad.  The fairy tales we know that have
actual fairies in them tend to be ballads, like Tam Lin and Thomas the
Rhymer.  Well, there you go, those two are also.. now I can't remember
if Tam Lin was a musician  in the ballad or not.  The Fairies did like
to steal musicians along with poets.

Just checked, it is the Twa Sisters, and there are lots and lots of
variants from all over Europe :)

If this is out of line, feel free to cut it or erase it completely....
(I don't know if this is something I should do so I'll mention but not
link.  There's an auction on for Terri Windling who (and her family)
are in health and money troubles, the reason some of you may be
interested is that many of the people offering things for sale are
fantasy authors, artists which some of you may like.  Some are
promising arcs of their books, before the books are released.  And
other wonderful things.  Oh, and there's at least one musician
offering things.  If someone needs the address you can write me at
this email address, but a google will probably find it, Magick for
Terri I believe.)
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