[DWJ] Elizabeth Bentley wants to share "DWJ" with you

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Tue Aug 16 03:48:01 EDT 2011

Elizabeth wants to share some files with you using Dropbox. Message from Elizabeth:

"If anyone wants to hear the Burrows programme on DWJ, I have put it in my dropbox folder DWJ. Please note this is a movie rather than a sound file, as I used my iPad to record the programme. Someone with more technical abilityh than I might have been able to either ecord just the sound or strip out the visuals afterwards, but I haven't. So the file size id quite large, over 1 GB. Enjoy! Elizabeth"

View the "DWJ" folder here: https://www.dropbox.com/link/17.XVuF436alu?k=87180070d35c7583f724b45471e2f597

- The Dropbox Team

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