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It has a tinge of Nesbits The Wouldbegoods I think. 

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> After far too long a lag I have finally read The Ogre Downstairs. And
> loved it, but that should go without saying.
> Some friends had told me it was very short, but I didn't find it too
> short at all - some of DWJ's later novels I found far too short (in a
> good way, but so much of the story seemed elusive or implied) whereas
> this filled out its covers very nicely and finished off and didn't
> need any more story.
> Which has made it seem to me less DWJ-ish, and more... another era of
> English childrens' novels. I'm not quite sure how to describe it
> except that I read Pickwick Papers last year, which while being all
> and unmistakeably Dickens was also Dickens writing
> Regency-segueing-into-Lord-of-the-Rings. Perhaps it was because when I
> think of most of her novels I think of people discovering or being or
> learning their own magic, and this was much more on the lines of
> Nesbit.
> I adored the poor, melting toffee-creatures.
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