[DWJ] The Ogre Downstairs

Kathleen Jennings kathleen.jennings at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 09:25:10 EDT 2011

After far too long a lag I have finally read The Ogre Downstairs. And
loved it, but that should go without saying.

Some friends had told me it was very short, but I didn't find it too
short at all - some of DWJ's later novels I found far too short (in a
good way, but so much of the story seemed elusive or implied) whereas
this filled out its covers very nicely and finished off and didn't
need any more story.

Which has made it seem to me less DWJ-ish, and more... another era of
English childrens' novels. I'm not quite sure how to describe it
except that I read Pickwick Papers last year, which while being all
and unmistakeably Dickens was also Dickens writing
Regency-segueing-into-Lord-of-the-Rings. Perhaps it was because when I
think of most of her novels I think of people discovering or being or
learning their own magic, and this was much more on the lines of

I adored the poor, melting toffee-creatures.



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