[DWJ] Little Dot

Eleanor Joslin eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk
Mon Aug 8 05:44:00 EDT 2011

On 08/08/11 02:30, A.M. Winslow wrote:
> Hey all . . .
> I'm currently reading aloud the Homeward Bounders and I realized that I lived quite near a street called the Old Fort Road.  Seriously.

Where do you live, Anna?  I have assumed the city was Bristol, but I 
have no real evidence for this, not knowing Bristol at all well.  (I 
went there recently and got lost in probably the same area Polly did in 
Fire and Hemlock.  I also went to the Clifton Suspension Bridge of 
course, and took a detour past DWJ's house on the way up to it, just to 

> But actually, I'm writing because I recently reread DWJ's short story "Little Dot," and realized that I don't understand the first two riddles *at all.*  I'm away from home and unfortunately don't have the story with me at all -- but anyone who does, by any chance could you post and explain the riddles?

Well, "Why is a mouse when it spins? The higher the fewer" is 
traditional, but I don't know what it might mean.  I don't know anything 
about the second riddle.  It feels to me as though DWJ must have made it up.

I actually wonder if the incoherence of the first riddle was the 
starting point for the story, leading her to create an ancient, senile 
Beast to tell it.  No wonder Little Dot had to be told the answers.


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