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George R. Martin is not Jones, that is certainly true. But Jones didn't
write epic fantasy series, she spoofed them--really effectively! So maybe
it's the genre as a whole that Robyn is reacting against. From what I hear,
Martin is considered one of the best currently writing in that genre, mainly
for his anti-heroic fantasy themes and complex storylines, I think. (I get
this info from my older son, who is a huge DWJ fan but also really likes
Martin and is pretty well read in fantasy in general). Martin is the
anti-Tolkien of today for the genre, he says--good and evil are muddied,
lots of political intrigue, and certainly sex. Supposedly more "realistic"
secondary world fantasy in terms of human nature.

We should realize, of course, that the series is a TV adaptation of the
books--pretty faithful overall, I think, but still, a visual adaptation, and
thus things like settings and how characters look are emphasized in ways
that may be different from how a reader experiences the text. I only watched
the first episode, to be honest--there was an overemphasis on the sex in
Martin's books at the expense of cutting some other subplots out (probably
to draw in a viewing audience!). But I'll also admit that I've just skimmed
the first half of the first book.

I don't think I'll be getting into either the TV series or the books anytime
soon, though. I just finished Greg Keyes's *The Briar King*, which is the
first of his series Kingdom of Thorn and Bone. It's got some interesting
historical elements that I found fun.


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On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 9:36 PM, rohina <rohinax at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't know if any of you are watching this, but I watched episode 1, and
> the whole thing constantly made me think of DWJ and the Tough Guide. The
> show manages to tick every cliche box possible.
> Tell me it's not just me!
> (Also, if Tough Guide had had a more adult audience, I bet there would have
> been an entry on sex, Doggy Style)
> robyn
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