[DWJ] question: where to get DWJ's older books?

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Thu Apr 21 18:00:08 EDT 2011

I checked out Amazon.ca last night, and their selection seemed

With both amazon.ca and amazon.co.uk, you need to be careful
that you're actually getting the British version, since they also sell
US editions, which you really want to buy in the USA.

However, there are definite reasons to use amazon.ca, although 
I don't. British editions of Pratchett [am I fixated on Pratchett?
Yes.] come out on amazon.ca the same time as on amazon.co.uk,
and of course the shipping is less.

On Apr 21, 2011, at 12:09 PM, Debbie Gascoyne wrote:

> Isabel - you might try amazon.ca.  They often have books that are published
> in the UK but not in the US - I know this was true for example with the
> British edition of the Harry Potter books.  And all the dwj books are
> available in bookstores here.  You'll find the prices comparable to the US
> ones, and shipping ought to be cheaper than from the UK.


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