[DWJ] question: where to get DWJ's older books?

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Thu Apr 21 10:43:13 EDT 2011

There was a school text made of the Skiver's Guide?  XD

- Nic

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> Isabel Yap <yap.isabel at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think they've recently republished her books in the UK, but they
> > somehow never reach shelves in the US.  (It was hard to find them in
> > the Philippines, too, where I'm really from - but I realize now that
> > they had even more of her books there than here!)  :(  Can anyone
> > recommend any online sellers/the best way to get these older DWJ
> > books?
> You could ask Brian Ameringen of Porcupine Books, who was her friend,
> to find specific books for you. The website is at
> http://www.porcupine.demon.co.uk/
> If he doesn't have what you want, he looks out for it and then sends it
> to you when he finds it.  This means the result may not be immediate,
> but it is reliable -- or I have found it so, yeah, even unto a copy of
> the Skiver's Guide published as the Japanese school text, back before
> that was republished.  He is also the person who found me T.H. White's
> "The Witch in the Wood" in the days before t'Internet being the way to
> buy and sell, so I have a fair bit of faith in his abilities.  (grin)
> It's all a bit like 88 Charing Cross Road, if you know that book?
> Postage and the exchange rate are not quite so favourable these days
> as they were when that was written, so it's not perhaps the cheapest
> way to find them, but he's an honest man (apparently rare in the
> second-hand book trade).  He does only deal in Sterling, but that is
> likely to be the case with any smaller UK bookseller, I suspect.
> Minnow
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