[DWJ] question: where to get DWJ's older books?

Isabel Yap yap.isabel at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 21:40:18 EDT 2011

Dear everyone,

Hello!  I have a question.  With all the beautiful tributes to DWJ coming
up, it has come to my attention that I am missing too many of DWJ's earlier
books - The Ogre Downstairs, Power of Three, A Tale of Time City, and The
Homeward Bounders are the most glaring discrepancies, although I've missed a
few others.  (It pains me to admit this!)  I've had to be creative to get my
hands on some of her other titles which haven't been republished recently in
the US recently.  Too often I go to the bookstores and all they've got is
Howl's Moving Castle and sometimes the Chrestomanci two-volume sets.  Doing
a quick Google/Amazon search turns up some sellers who have used copies of
the books, but I'm wary of the quality.

I think they've recently republished her books in the UK, but they somehow
never reach shelves in the US.  (It was hard to find them in the
Philippines, too, where I'm really from - but I realize now that they had
even more of her books there than here!)  :(  Can anyone recommend any
online sellers/the best way to get these older DWJ books?  Alternatively,
has anyone ever used Amazon.co.uk to ship to North America?

Responses would be greatly appreciated!


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