[DWJ] Impress of first book? (was Homeward Bounders)

Alina contemplatinum at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 17:32:19 EDT 2011

My first was the Four Grannies, back when I can't have been older than 6 or
7, but it wasn't until later that I realised she wrote it. I remember
enjoying the story, though. I then started to read A Tale of Time City when
I was a bit older (10 or 11) and found it difficult and boring (I have since
read it a few times and while it still isn't my favourite, it's worth it
just for the butter-pies), and I decided not ever to read DWJ again. Somehow
I read Charmed Life (I think, although I can't remember for certain - there
were a few DWJ in the library) not long after anyway and was hooked. So I
think I've been collecting her books since about the age of 12. I'm
struggling to think of which book most influenced me... maybe Fire and
Hemlock, since I must have read it over and over again from the ages of
12-16. I was obsessed with the Dalemark Quartet when I was 13 (I wrote a
wordy and awful novel very much influenced by it) and I still feel depressed
every time I finish Crown of Dalemark - I just want it to keep going! Other
favourites include Deep Secret, a Sudden Wild Magic, Dark Lord of Derkholm
and Year of the Griffin.

I find your point about neglecting other fiction interesting, Eleanor - I
feel that in some ways I did the same thing. Certainly there was a point
where I found it difficult to pick up a book by an author I didn't know
already, and I know I didn't pick up a lot of DWJ's allusions and references
until later.

Going back to the discussion on translations, I bought a copy of the
Magicians of Caprona in German when I was 13. Maybe it's because I'd read
the original so many times, but I don't see much difference in the text or
the style. I've just started reading it so I'll see if I can pick up any
obvious omissions.


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