[DWJ] Translating DWJ

Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Thu Apr 14 11:20:06 EDT 2011

On Thursday 14 April 2011 15:23:41 Sally Odgers wrote:
> It has belatedly occurred to me that many of you read DWJ first of all
> in translation. So, how on EARTH can she be translated? 

Well, yes, that's the problem; both The Spellcoats and Cart and Cwidder lack 
whole *pages* of stuff the translator apparently couldn't handle, so parts of 
the story don't make sense. I wonder why they've been published at all! Byt 
that didn't keep me from loving them as a child, so there must have been 
enough to spill over.

(My kids had the same in a new edition, but with the same text. Gah.)


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