[DWJ] Impress of first book? (was Homeward Bounders)

Jameela Lares Jameela.Lares at usm.edu
Thu Apr 14 11:11:55 EDT 2011

Thanks, Kayla.  I may do that.

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> There ought to be a service for readers like me, somewhere you could
> write in to say, "I don't want to read past page 106. Are the
> protagonists going to be all right?"  On the other hand, I've begun
> talking myself through the text, saying things like, "These are the main
> characters. They are probably going to be okay in three pages."  And
> they usually are.

What's wrong with doing that on this list, with ample spoiler space, of
course? You'd have to specify the edition, naturally, if you were saying
page numbers, because there are so many, but I'm sure people would answer
the question. Although--it's DWJ. The protagonists don't get killed,
because it's not a horror book. But sometimes "being okay" is not quite
how you would have thought it.

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